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The map of opened stores

Search the Auchan store nearest to your location, follow the map to find it, browse all offers and promotions, create your shopping lists and you won’t forget anything anymore!

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Joustin’ Beaver

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Be careful of whirlpools, get the Phot-Hog!

International SUPERSTAR Joustin’ Beaver needs your help!

He’s floating down the river on a world tour to meet as many fans and sign as many “Otter-graphs” as he can. But the “Phot-Hogs” will stop at nothing to get a photo of JB when he least expects it.

Help Joustin’ Beaver navigate the river, sign “Otter-graphs,” and knock “Phot-Hogs” into the river with his lance.

If the “Phot-Hogs” float past JB, they’ll snap a scandalous photo for the front page of their website. Then it’s game over. Remember, the farther you go, the more famous you become and the more difficult it will become to avoid the “Phot-Hogs.”

One more thing, do not let JB get caught up in the “Whirlpool” of success or you could both spin out of control!

Try to get as many fans as possible and pretty soon you’ll be making gold and platinum records, accepting prestigious awards, and even becoming a “Beaver God!”

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Fan Mail

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Get your own Fan Mail!

Fan Mail is the app that turns anyone into an instant celebrity!

Simply download Fan Mail, enter your first name, occupation, and email address and you will start receiving letters from adoring fans immediately! Everyday you will get new messages of encouragement and adoration from all of the people who are inspired and awestruck by you.

Imagine the power of hearing praise from total strangers! Each piece of Fan Mail you receive will boost your confidence and make you realize that you may not be rich and famous, but you are a star and you make a difference!

Your own private Fan Mailbox will fill up often so keep checking back for more letters everyday!

Download and start getting your own Fan Mail today. Because you too are a star, and every star deserves a little Fan Mail!

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Prepare your fame booth pic, and share it to the world!

Make yourself and friends look famous today and share your Famebooth photos with your friends using Famebooth for iPhone, iPod touch & iPad!

Everyone wants a taste of fame. Using Famebooth you can easily create a realistic picture of yourself that makes it look like you were on the red carpet at a glamorous event. Surprise your friends by easily saving and sharing your Famebooth photos directly from the app to Facebook or Twitter.

Famebooth provides you with a large selection of backdrops to choose from so you can place yourself on the red carpet at a movie premiere, music awards show, sports conference, fashion show or choose from many other glamorous events & places.

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Crop your photos with simple gestures

Crop+ is the easiest to use picture cropping app in the store!

Select a photo, then drag the dots to crop your image. It’s that easy. Rotate images too with a single touch.

Features include:

  • Cropping photos
  • Rotating photos
  • Crop multiple times
  • No Image quality loss
  • Extremely Easy to use
  • Aspect Ratio Control

This app was designed to be easier to use than the existing crop apps in the store. It is! Check it out and we’re sure you’ll agree.

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The “rotor” selector

SurfNews is a digital guide that allows quick reference of more than 300 surf spots reviewed by the editors of Surfnews magazine in 15 years of research. Contains images, specific texts, links and all the weather information you need to successfully surf the elusive Mediterranean waves.
Key Features

  • Comprehesive list of spots in Italy
  • Introductory texts on surfing in Italy and the Weather
  • Search by categories (swell direction, miles from you, name)
  • Favorites Function
  • Selector ‘geographical and rotor’ for ergonomics research
  • Gallery Section with pictures of the main spots
  • Direct links to the page of ilmeteo.it

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Quick Rhythm

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No excuse, start dancing!

No more excuses! Quick Rhythm is an app that can help anyone learn to dance. If you think that you “have no rhythm” and that has been keeping you off the dance floor or away from a fun cardio class, Quick Rhythm is for you.

The app uses a motion training feature to help you start moving to the music. It includes three popular Latin dance styles for practice – Merengue, Bachata, and Salsa. You will use Quick Rhythm to learn to hear the beat with the help of visual indicators. Then, you will practice “tapping” your phone in the air in time with the music. Once you have mastered the music-to-motion connection, you can follow the guides in the app to learn the basic steps.

The instruction method in Quick Rhythm was developed by professional dancer and Latin Cardio creator Cuic Suarez. Cuic (pronounced “Quick”) has helped hundreds of beginners who “had no rhythm” learn to dance. Now his guidance is available to you in this powerful new personal instructional tool.

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Jigsaw Break

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A puzzle in progress

Another fun app is available on the AppStore.

A jigsaw puzzle that is also a joke! Trick your friends in thinking they’ve broken your iPhone or iPod Touch, and show them how fast you’re able to repair the damage! Or, just use it as an entertaining puzzle using your photos.


Choose a picture from your Camera Roll (try a screenshot for more fun)

Tap it: it will shatter and all the pieces will fall down

Move (one finger) and rotate (two fingers) the fragments to their original places: they’ll snap into position when you’re close enough

– If you’re the impatient type, double tap a piece to make it jump in place

– If you’re even more impatient, just shake the device: all the pieces will go in place, ready for the final explosion!

– Repeat at will

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Give Me Numbers!

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GiveMeNums Screenshot

The draw screen

Our first iPhone application is available from the AppStore!

Don’t know the numbers to put on that Lottery card?
Let Give Me Numbers! do it for you!
Give Me Numbers! is a simple random number generator, but does that in style!
You can choose the highest number that your Lottery can draw (for example, 49 for UK National Lottery, 75 or 80 for Bingo, etc.), how many numbers to draw at once, and if the same number can be drawn again in the same session (for example, if you use it as a substitute for dice).
Do you have favorite numbers? No problem, you can define yours, and the app will get a higher chance to draw them. Same if you have numbers you hate: a tap, and they’ll never be chosen again!

Give Me Numbers! is now available, free to download.

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