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Class CoverThe mobile companion for users of the Class Cover site

Casual Teachers: Keeping your availability updated is now a faster and easier process!

* Simply login only once and then land directly at your availability diary, select the day/s you wish to change, pick the desired status and click to confirm. Literally a 30 second process!

* Access all the same features you can from the desktop version, including your booking calendar, profile and repeat status function on the iPhone.

Schools: Managing your casual teachers is now even easier!

* Use the Class Cover app to view available casual teachers that you can call and book in seconds straight from your iPhone!

* The Class Cover app boasts all the features that you need to find and book casual teachers straight from your iPhone, including advanced searches, profile view and the booking calendar.

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Now available: calculator for opioid rescue dose for daily use in Oncology and Palliative Care with language support for English, Dutch, French, German and Spanish. Orthodose also offers a full opioid converter that takes into account alternative ratios from the EBM and a corticoid converter.


1.ORTHODOSE: Calculator for rescue doses

2.OPIOID SWITCHER: Converter for the following opioids:


3.ORTHODOSE EBM: Calculator for rescue doses based on the Evidence Based Medicine conversion rate recommendations from the EAPC (Lancet Oncology 2012)

4.CORTICODOSE: Converter for corticoids

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Doloretty Dogs

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Doloretty Dogs Beagle
(Italian only)
DOLORETTY DOGS, la guida più completa, semplice e intuitiva dedicata al tuo inseparabile amico.
Potrai trovare informazioni dettagliate, utili consigli, scoprire i migliori Allevamenti accuratamente selezionati e cercare il Veterinario più vicino.
Avrai inoltre a disposizione dei semplici strumenti che ti permetteranno di programmare le tue vacanze a 4 zampe e immortalare i ricordi più preziosi.

DOLORETTY DOGS è strutturata in semplici sezioni:
*** RAZZA: informazioni sulle origini della razza, le sue qualità e sui migliori Allevamenti Italiani (indirizzi, numeri di telefono, email e web)
*** SALUTE: informazioni sulle malattie e sui parassiti (con particolare attenzione a quelle specifiche della razza selezionata) e sulle problematiche legate alla gravidanza
*** LIBRETTO SANITARIO DIGITALE: un vero e proprio libretto sanitario in versione digitale dove poter annotare i dati del “nostro amico a 4 zampe”: vaccinazioni, visite dal veterinario, ecc.
*** SOS: utili consigli su come comportarsi in caso di emergenza
*** VETERINARI: in ogni parte del mondo ti permette di visualizzare i veterinari a te più vicini e di chiamarli direttamente.
*** TURISMO: tutte le informazioni per viaggiare con il tuo cane: più di 180 spiagge censite, con email e numero di telefono, tutti gli Hotel “dog friendly” e una preziosissima lista di consigli di viaggio (mezzi di trasporto, comportamenti nei paesi stranieri con lista ambasciate e uffici del turismo a cui chiedere informazioni)
*** GALLERY: dove poter archiviare le immagini più belle del tuo cane

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A simple puzzle

A simple puzzle

The easy puzzle game for kids to memorize and recite Sura’s from the Holy Book of Quran in a simple interactive format.

– Sura’s word are displayed in cut out format like a puzzle.
– Kids can drag words to appropriate location to complete the verse.
– Choose from Easy, Medium and Hard difficulties for more challenges.
– Simple timer to track time and challenge kids to solve faster.
– Easy guide to show the complete Sura for kids to review.
– 2 Free Sura’s included from Goz2 3am and the rest is available through in-app purchase.

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Tap the 3D body to record your health issues

Tap the 3D body to record your health issues

DOLORETTY is the first online journal where you can write in a simple and intuitive way the little daily ailments and any other event related to your health.
How many times, when consulting a doctor or in an hospital, you can’t remember the day you were sick or forget to list all symptoms you are experiencing?
By using DOLORETTY this will not happen again, you can access the data related to your state of health anytime, searching and browsing the information you enter each day.

DOLORETTY’s home screen shows a 3D human body that you can tap to record directly the sickness or pain you experienced.
You can also switch to different screens with your muscles, your skeleton, or only the internal organs.
The application offers you some remedies that you can choose from: Traditional, Homeopathy, Yoga, Exercise, Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine and from …the garden

DOLORETTY records all your large and small health issues, and helps you to convey to your doctor, your loved ones and friends the description and history of your recordings by kind of pain, intensity, weather, location and duration.

You can process, aggregate and analyze the data entered, and getting reports in tables or in graphical form easily and effectively.
You can also take pictures, send, print, and share it.

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Check the baby is safe anytime

Check the baby is safe anytime

Leaving your children with a sitter can be difficult. Cherish keeps parents & sitters securely connected, so you can rest assured your children are always being cared for.

Cherish is specifically designed to give parents complete peace of mind whilst away from home. This easy to use app creates a one-time secure connection between you and your sitter where you receive completed checklists and photos at an interval of your choice. You’ll always know what’s going on without having to call or text, one glance and you know your baby is ok.

With Cherish, you create personalized checklists and set the checking interval. Your sitter will receive alert notifications every time a check is due, and once completed, it is sent along with a photo direct to your phone. Your contact details and emergency procedures are accessible by your sitter at all times.

Cherish creates a super-secure connection by generating a unique 9-digit code each time you initiate a session. Simply share this with your sitter, and you’re ready to go! All data is removed from every device and server immediately after a session is completed.

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Make your lists with SwiftList

SwiftList is THE list making app for people who love to get things done without the hoops that other GTD apps make you jump through.

This is list-making at its best!

The designers behind this app have been looking for the perfect solution for decades (seriously) and always bounced between trying to keep digital lists and using paper. Digital lists always lacked the ease of paper, and paper is — well limited by being paper.

So we made SwiftList – mainly for ourselves, but we hope you love it too!

How it works:

Launch the app, hit Add, and start typing. Don’t worry about grouping items, organizing stuff, just let your thoughts flow.

Once you’re done typing, you can pick up items, drag, drop, indent, move around — basically a totally tactile way of organizing your lists into sub lists and more. You can even go infinitely deep with sub lists.

When you finish items, mark them complete. Export your list via email.

We focused list-making on the only two things that matter: getting your thoughts out and making it easy to organize those thoughts in seconds.

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The MobileLaw™ application is a legal text navigation platform that currently includes more than 125 legal texts for download, including federal statutes and codes from New York, California, and Texas. Texts are uploaded constantly, and each is free for you to download and use at your convenience. No subscriptions; no fees.

Search for the codes you want, bookmark the sections you find, add the notes you want, and email them all for future reference.

Eliminate the cumbersome “page flipping” inherent with the use of other electronic references – the MobileLaw™ application provides the user an accordion-style, expandable table of contents, which gives immediate access to the rule you need intuitively and elegantly. Adjacent statutory provisions are available with a swipe to the right or left.

Discontinued – see a review here



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Find out when your favorite server is available!

ServedHOT gives you the opportunity to find people providing services. We provide categories that include services around the world: bartenders, doctors, hairdressers, bankers, salespeople, waiters, waitresses and more.

In addition, people who provide services can claim their profile (with Facebook validation).

Default location proximity is 5 miles but can be increased in Settings.

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The Start! screen

Challenge your memory, musical ability, and your friends as you try to follow the Star pattern in this undeniably addictive app. Advance, level by level, first by building on the patterns shown, then by matching randomly generated, increasingly complex patterns on the ubiquitous Star. Can you achieve bonus status? Can you beat your friends on the leader-board? Or will you hear the mocking squirrel chuckle mercilessly as you fail? You can only know when you Start! The Game.

Beat the Star? Doubtful. Either way, you can play the Star’s multitude of musical modes using the intuitive “Sounds” function. Featuring guitar, piano, and more, you will take the game beyond following the music to making it. So, whether you take a video of the action to post online, or download a track from the featured band, Alico, whose songs are available specially through Start! The Game, the music is yours for the making.

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