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Tap the 3D body to record your health issues

Tap the 3D body to record your health issues

DOLORETTY is the first online journal where you can write in a simple and intuitive way the little daily ailments and any other event related to your health.
How many times, when consulting a doctor or in an hospital, you can’t remember the day you were sick or forget to list all symptoms you are experiencing?
By using DOLORETTY this will not happen again, you can access the data related to your state of health anytime, searching and browsing the information you enter each day.

DOLORETTY’s home screen shows a 3D human body that you can tap to record directly the sickness or pain you experienced.
You can also switch to different screens with your muscles, your skeleton, or only the internal organs.
The application offers you some remedies that you can choose from: Traditional, Homeopathy, Yoga, Exercise, Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine and from …the garden

DOLORETTY records all your large and small health issues, and helps you to convey to your doctor, your loved ones and friends the description and history of your recordings by kind of pain, intensity, weather, location and duration.

You can process, aggregate and analyze the data entered, and getting reports in tables or in graphical form easily and effectively.
You can also take pictures, send, print, and share it.

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