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Check the baby is safe anytime

Check the baby is safe anytime

Leaving your children with a sitter can be difficult. Cherish keeps parents & sitters securely connected, so you can rest assured your children are always being cared for.

Cherish is specifically designed to give parents complete peace of mind whilst away from home. This easy to use app creates a one-time secure connection between you and your sitter where you receive completed checklists and photos at an interval of your choice. You’ll always know what’s going on without having to call or text, one glance and you know your baby is ok.

With Cherish, you create personalized checklists and set the checking interval. Your sitter will receive alert notifications every time a check is due, and once completed, it is sent along with a photo direct to your phone. Your contact details and emergency procedures are accessible by your sitter at all times.

Cherish creates a super-secure connection by generating a unique 9-digit code each time you initiate a session. Simply share this with your sitter, and you’re ready to go! All data is removed from every device and server immediately after a session is completed.

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