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Make your lists with SwiftList

SwiftList is THE list making app for people who love to get things done without the hoops that other GTD apps make you jump through.

This is list-making at its best!

The designers behind this app have been looking for the perfect solution for decades (seriously) and always bounced between trying to keep digital lists and using paper. Digital lists always lacked the ease of paper, and paper is — well limited by being paper.

So we made SwiftList – mainly for ourselves, but we hope you love it too!

How it works:

Launch the app, hit Add, and start typing. Don’t worry about grouping items, organizing stuff, just let your thoughts flow.

Once you’re done typing, you can pick up items, drag, drop, indent, move around — basically a totally tactile way of organizing your lists into sub lists and more. You can even go infinitely deep with sub lists.

When you finish items, mark them complete. Export your list via email.

We focused list-making on the only two things that matter: getting your thoughts out and making it easy to organize those thoughts in seconds.

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