Jigsaw Break

On 05/07/2010, in AppStore, iPhone, by admin

A puzzle in progress

Another fun app is available on the AppStore.

A jigsaw puzzle that is also a joke! Trick your friends in thinking they’ve broken your iPhone or iPod Touch, and show them how fast you’re able to repair the damage! Or, just use it as an entertaining puzzle using your photos.


Choose a picture from your Camera Roll (try a screenshot for more fun)

Tap it: it will shatter and all the pieces will fall down

Move (one finger) and rotate (two fingers) the fragments to their original places: they’ll snap into position when you’re close enough

– If you’re the impatient type, double tap a piece to make it jump in place

– If you’re even more impatient, just shake the device: all the pieces will go in place, ready for the final explosion!

– Repeat at will

See video


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