Give Me Numbers!

On 14/06/2010, in AppStore, iPhone, by admin
GiveMeNums Screenshot

The draw screen

Our first iPhone application is available from the AppStore!

Don’t know the numbers to put on that Lottery card?
Let Give Me Numbers! do it for you!
Give Me Numbers! is a simple random number generator, but does that in style!
You can choose the highest number that your Lottery can draw (for example, 49 for UK National Lottery, 75 or 80 for Bingo, etc.), how many numbers to draw at once, and if the same number can be drawn again in the same session (for example, if you use it as a substitute for dice).
Do you have favorite numbers? No problem, you can define yours, and the app will get a higher chance to draw them. Same if you have numbers you hate: a tap, and they’ll never be chosen again!

Give Me Numbers! is now available, free to download.

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